Editing Services for Photographers

"Business is booming, it's better than ever, I'm booked out with shoots for months ahead."

"But I'm drowning. I haven't spent any time with my family for weeks, I'm at the computer every night just trying to catch up."

Sound familiar?

This is where I can help you, let me help you get your life back.

As a private photo editor I can help ease the pressure you are under.

You deserve to have a good work/life balance, to have the opportunity and the time to level up your business and to be able to spend more time creating, you are an artist after all.

baby girl looking at camera


photoshop edit on baby looking at camera



Basic Edits including exposure and lighting adjustment, colour correction, preset application, crop and horizon adjustment.

€0.85 per image


Photoshop edits including cloning, healing, head swaps, sky replacements.

From €3 per image

Turnaround time of 4 business days.

Invoicing and payment available in a number of currencies.

unedited bride and groom kiss


edited bride and groom kiss


unedited styled flatlay of macarons


final edit of styled flatlay of macarons