When was the last time you had family photos taken?

Last year? 3 years ago? 2 babies ago? Never?

Whatever the answer is if you are here maybe you are thinking that now is the time for scheduling a photoshoot but something's holding you back? Is it finding the time? Is it nerves about the prospect of being in front of the camera? Is it worries about how the kids will behave?

Mama I got you. I understand those worries, but I can tell you when it comes to a photo session with me you don't need to stress.

mother and son nose to nose

Maybe it's time. Time is such a factor in everything we do. Gosh if I had a penny for everytime I declared "There just aren't enough hours in the day!" while folding laundry for the 100th time that week at 10pm.

The beauty of an outdoor photoshoot, especially here in the French Alps, is that the most beautiful light is first thing in the morning and during the last hour of the day. That means we can get out and capture those memories for you before you even get into the craziness of the day.

Not an early bird, then let's do sunset, when things are starting to calm down and unwind.

I'm also very well versed at getting a huge variety of beautiful images in a short time, we can thank my 3 year old and 1 year old for that! I won't keep you for hours, up to one hour tops and I promise we will have gotten everything we need.

mother and son embrace
mother and son nose to nose
mother and son looking at camera


This is a favourite of mine, where shall we shoot? We are so blessed here in the Tarantaise Valley, with an abundance of gorgeous backdrops, it can actually be hard to narrow it down and choose a place! But I love to scout out beautiful spots, locations with gorgeous light and scenery. I have my go to places but I also love to spend time before each shoot exploring the area for something new and exciting.

baby under tree in Bourg Saint Maurice

"But I always feel so awkward in front of the camera!" I hear you say. Honestly me too so I understand completely.

As well as taking the photos it's my job to make you feel at ease, I love to connect with people, I want you to feel comfortable and to enjoy your session. I will act a fool to help you relax and may even direct you to do some silly things, it all helps I promise.

But what about the kids?? It's all well and good me telling you that I can make you feel comfortable, but what about your three year old? Your baby? Your teenager?! Well this is what my photography was born out of. Capturing my own kids. You may think that it is easier because they're mine but photographers child syndrome is real and alive and kicking in this house. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting tots that are simply over it to interact with the camera. And if they're really not having it then that is OK! That is real life, that is your family and I love nothing more than to capture your true interactions. I like to let the kids lead the sessions, they can run, play, leap, cry, whatever, it all works. Don't worry one bit about how they are acting.

two little boys shouting
child running towards camera

Finally what to wear. My best advice would be keep it neutral and wear something you love. Wear what you are comfortable in, what you feel beautiful in. Be that a flowing dress or a pair of shorts. I am always here to help with styling advice, you can send me pictures with your ideas. I have a good eye for which colours compliment each other well and am always happy to help with the details.

brothers cuddle amongst flowers

Rest assured that my goal isn't just to take your photo, it's to provide you with lasting memories, it's for you to enjoy your photo session, for it to be fun. To capture the essence of your family and everything that makes it as wonderful as it is.

Still have questions? Give me a shout here and I'll always be happy to help.